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Athlete Update- Tomas Woolson

Hello Redneck Nation. After promising to flood Tucker’s inbox with amazing content all last season, I proceeded to only text him when I knew he had taken some cool pictures of me. It’s been too long and I’m sorry.

Last winter was a season full of ups and downs, but everyone has downs so let’s focus on the stuff that kicked ass. I got to work with some awesome young guys at BMA for the season, and they absolutely ripped. At the beginning of the season my boss told me the feeling I’d get when one of my athletes stood on top of the podium would be better than anything I’d experienced in the sport.

While stoke levels were high when the boys were winning, I have to say I always felt way better when I got to stand on top of the podium and look down on them in 2nd and 3rd.

Unfortunately that was short lived as by the end of the season the guys were skiing fast enough I think they took the ‘training pace’ part out of my job description. Back to the good stuff. I posted a career best SL result at a NorAm (everyone loves a fatty), made some money racing on the Pro Tour (about 1/10000th of the way to paying my parents back), and after being branded dorm dad to 7 adolescent girls I realized I am still many years away from wanting to be a real dad. I learned a lot, made some decent turns, but most of all had a blast racing and coaching across the continent with friends old and new.

Come end of the season I made the tough decision not to renew my contract with Burke. While I won’t miss putting up b-nets on Dippers in the pouring rain, there is so much about the community and my experience that I will miss being around. After teetering on the decision to move out west and become a ski bum I was blessed with the opportunity to move to Vail, CO and start working as a research assistant at an orthopedic clinic.

Upon arrival to Vail I promptly googled what ‘business attire’ meant, bought four pairs of slacks, a couple shirts, and used the razor I stole from my little brother to give my face its first clean shave since senior prom. I’ve worn the same pair of ‘kind of dress shoes’ every day so far but no one has seemed to notice. Fake it till you make it right?

During this coming winter I’ll be helping run an injury prevention program with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail that will have me on snow at the beginning of November. This program already scored me a ‘work’ trip to Europe where I got to experience the craze of indoor skiing as well as a few fun adventures with friends. I’ve also began negotiations with the Vail coaches for some panel SL training (the dream doesn’t die unless you let it) so that I will be well prepared for the start of the World Pro Ski Tour season (they have a dope new website with videos of me eating sh*t, go check it out). Word is the early reports out of ESPN have Redneck Racing atop the World Pro Ski Tour power rankings, I mean who am I to argue.

Snow has started falling in Colorado, and while I anxiously wait for all the skiers to converge on summit county for the early season training I’ve been keeping myself busy trying to figure out how to mountain bike and not end up being a patient of one of the doctors that currently employs me. So far I’ve had mixed results but apparently its ‘part of the process.’ We’ll see how much of this process my body can handle, but if you’re ever in the area hit me up and we can go on a scenic walk or something. Seeing that I’ll be forced to log some sort of hours in an office this year I’m looking forward to using those hours to share some more of the Redneck takes on what skiing is, why we love it, and why everything would be so much better if Robby was in charge. Talk to you soon.

Thomas ‘Tomas’ Wooly Woolson

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