Athlete Update- Sandy Vietze

What if I told you that I am currently working at Green Mountain Valley School as a ski racer/coach. I am very excited about this new role and opportunity, and I strongly believe that not only will I be able to continue to pursue my own ski racing ambitions I

will also have the opportunity to help guide the next generation of GMVS athletes to

achieve their goals as well. I am only a couple weeks into this new found role, but it has already had a profound impact on me. I am learning new things about myself everyday working with this group of young men.

It is a privilege and an honor to be fully back in the GMVS community and I hope I am able to give a little bit back to a school which has provided me with so much throughout my ski racing career. We are currently in Saas Fee and unfortunately we have had a few weather days so far. Even though this is a bummer we are optimistic that we will still be able to get purposeful and productive training in the days to come.

I personally believe that coaching will not take away from my skiing but only provide me a deeper understanding of the sport that I love. In my limited experience as a coach you have to look at skiing through a different lens. What I mean by this is that I now have to take the feelings and key words I have used over the years and explain them verbally, which in my humble opinion can foster an environment for technical and tactical breakthroughs not only for the athletes I am working with but for myself.

I am working towards the first Nor Ams in Copper Colorado this coming November and as of right now the NorAMs are my primary focus. This past season I was very lucky to start my first World Cup race, and I hope it will be the first of many. My body has never felt better and the same goes for my skiing.

As an athlete I believe it should be your first and foremost objective to improve every season, and I want to carry this momentum into this coming season. I have made a promise to myself that if I keep improving each year I will continue to ski race for however long that may be.