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Meet Sandy Vietze!

Where do I begin? I guess my name would be a good place to start.

My name is Sandy Vietze and I am easily recognized as the tall, goofy looking guy on the hill. I grew up at skiing at the one and only, Mad River Glen, in Fayston, Vermont. It’s safe to say that this is where my love of skiing started and consequently grew in the subsequent years.

Even though I have always wanted to be a ski racer, my first experience wasn’t in gates but long winter days spent skiing in the woods and through moguls. Those early memories come to mind when thinking of how I was introduced to skiing. Mad River will forever have a special place in my heart and I am so grateful for the wonderful people and the special moments affiliated with it.

My parents have played a huge role in introducing me to my love of this sport and their impact on my life is another reason why I am so proud to be a part of Redneck Racing. The team is comprised of people who are truly passionate about the sport and find it not only a privilege, but also a gift.

This past season marked my fourth and final year racing for the University of Vermont. I had a blast there and my experience as a student athlete was quite frankly the best four years of my life. It was this experience, among others, that has led me to Redneck Racing. I want continue to pursue my dream of reaching my full potential as a skier and be the best I possibly can be.

Although during my senior year there were a lot of different thoughts swimming around my head about the next chapter of my life, I ultimately decided to stay with ski racing. The worries I had about figuring out logistics and financial support for another year of skiing was overwhelming, but my decision regarding another year of competing was finalized during a car ride back from a day of training last Christmas break.

On the way home my coach Tim Kelley encouraged me to chase my dreams and continue on this ride of ski racing. Tim is a former Redneck and ex college skier who understands the challenges of being an independent as well as having success on the World Cup.

To put things lightly, I have complete trust in Tim and I respect him as a coach as well as a mentor and believe that he has my best interests at heart.

In addition to being a Redneck this year, I am also skiing with Green Mountain Valley School. It only seems fitting for me to go back to the place where everything started for my skiing career.

I attended GMVS before college and the hard work and values that have stayed with me throughout my career began there in my early years. So far I have skied with them in Colorado last spring, Norway and Lithuania this past summer, and in Chile just recently this fall. We are headed out to Colorado late October and planning to be there the majority of the month of November. The plan is to head to the Panorama NorAm’s after Colorado and hopefully our team can have some solid results, and something to show for after all the hard work we have put in during the prep period.

I am looking forward to this upcoming season, it will be nice to have more time to put the necessary work in on the hill during the prep period and during the season without having to be at school full time. NorAm’s are definitely the focus this year and hopefully with some solid results throughout the year the World Cup will be an option as well.

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