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What is Redneck Racing?

Redneck Racing may not be what you would consider a traditional “team”. The athletes named to our roster are expected, for the most part, to arrange training opportunities individually throughout the bulk of the season. We do not have a team coach, technician, or official training venue.

So why do we exist?

In general, the goal of Redneck Racing as a team is to cultivate the dreams of its members while providing necessary resources to achieve each athletes ambitions. There are a few different ways we do this.

The simplest way we can support our athletes is team sponsors.

Synchas been with us from day one supplying our team uniforms. Not only do they keep us warm with their exceptional products but they are always interested in how we are progressing in our careers and stay involved throughout the season. When we add members they are thrilled to help accept them into the fold of passionate athletes striving to reach their peak.

Other companies that have stuck by us Rednecks include Swix, Racestock Sports, REDD Bar, ProTek, Sophski, and World Cup Supply.

Now, of course we could all scrounge up gear from various companies on our own but having team equipment creates amazing team solidarity. When you put on a jacket with “Redneck Racing” emblazoned across the back, you are no longer a single entity pushing hard against the current that is independent ski racing. Instead you are part of something larger than yourself, surrounded by team members that know exactly what you are going through and can help you stand up straighter through the bad times. I can not stress enough how important team unity and cohesion is. All of these sponsors are what gives us at Redneck Racing structure.

Which brings me to my next point.

No, we do not have an “official” training venue. What we do have is four different athletes working with four different programs. Tucker and Sandy will be working with Green Mountain Valley School, Robby with Mount Mansfieldas well as Cochransof course, and Tomas will be a coach/athlete at Burke Mountain Academy.

Each one of these programs considers itself a training partner of Redneck Racing. This year our uniforms will project that proudly with the logo of each individuals home program displayed with our emblem.

Our athletes have open invitation to train with any of these programs which is an invaluable resource as all of these mountains are important race venues.

The incredible support of those schools aside, we are also extremely lucky to live among such a tight knit community. I have personally been approached countless times offering free training and board in exchange for skiing with kids and passing down our knowledge. It is such a special point in a career to be valued for your accomplishments and be allowed to interact with a younger generation that is just as passionate about the sport as you are. Everyone on our team shares that sentiment.

We at Redneck Racing hope to inspire people to achieve their dreams, even if the way that is done might be considered a little unorthodox. You have heard our stories of tiny cars and couch surfing. Seen our videos of “spring training”. We are not the most refined of human beings but we are passionate about what we do.

That’s why I think this last piece of our team is particularly special.

We created this space. This space where we are a little weird, doing things a little differently. This space that gives us a voice to share those unique moments on the road with our own eccentric ideas of what it takes.

And you, every single one of you who have gathered around to read these words is what makes it possible to continue on this journey. Knowing that this support system is a lot larger than sponsors and home programs.

It includes you, our Redneck community. Our family.

That is what makes Redneck Racing a team.

The Original Rednecks

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