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2015-16 So Far

Hello Redneck Nation! The band is back together!

Robby, Tucker, and I(Andrew), are all in Vail for a couple nights before the first races of the season start on sunday at Echo(echo echo echo) Mountain. Tucker and I have actually been in Vail for two weeks--a proper honeymoon for most couples. Robby was here in early November but got wicked homesick and went back to VT for a little. Our former team member, current chair of the board, and guy everyone seems to have a fairly neutral opinion about, Tim Kelley, is getting to CO tomorrow but he will be with his new team or as it’s better known, Hig Roberts and the whoever-else-doesn’t-get-cropped-out-of-his-Instagrams All Stars. I heard Tim had a good training camp in Solden, Austria earlier this month with those guys.

He doesn’t really stay in touch other than the occasional snapchat of him with his new friends. Hopefully we’ll get to catch up out here and reminisce with him about the old days- when all we cared about was doing burnouts in the rental truck, when Tucker didn’t have a man bun, and when Robby ate clam chowder unheated straight from the can. Those were the days. Robby actually still eats cold chowder, but I wish he wouldn’t.

As fun as those days were, this season has also been great. We have been lucky to get fantastic training in Colorado, and before that in Europe. When we told Tucker we were going to Europe, he just assumed that meant a shopping trip in Milan and only brought his small purse across the pond. Luckily Robby and I brought extra gear and we all capitalized on the great training opportunities. As a team, we’ve been focusing on getting as much volume as possible, while training and while listening to Adele on high volume while trying to get some more volume in Tucker’s whispy thin man bun. Volume.

I’ve kept track of training runs I’ve taken so far this fall. Robby and Tucker have around the same amount.

Austria in October Colorado in November

Day 1: freeski Day 1: 9 runs copper Day 12: 8 runs

Day 2: 7 runs Day 2: 7 runs Day 13: 7 runs

Day 3: 8 runs Day 3: 8 runs Day 14: off

Day 4: 10 runs Day 4: off Day 15: 8 runs

Day 5: 8 runs Day 5: 8 runs at Echo Day 16: 9 runs

Day 6: 5 runs Day 6: 7 runs at copper Day 17: 8 runs

Day 7: 12 runs Day 7 off

Day 8: 9 runs Day 8 off

Day 9: 6 runs Day 9: 10 runs at Vail

Day 10: 10 run Day 10: 8 runs

Day 11: 5 runs Day 11: 6 runs

Looking forward:

After the Echo FIS slaloms (slaloms slaloms slaloms) we head to Jackson for the first NorAm slaloms of the year. I’ve never been to Jackson but my buddy Dave Shpall says they have some good breakfast burritos and some decent skiing. Shpall is one of those guys that will dispute credit card charges if the meal isn’t up to his standards, so i'll take his word for it. After Jackson, the Redneck GS team(Tucker) will head to Copper, while Robby and I will likely head back east.

Redneck Racing Money saving tips:

-Buy discount meat: poke around the dark end of the cooler at the grocery store. There is always meat marked off 30 to 70 percent. If it’s marked off more than 70% you will need to cook it really well.

-Get the absolute cheapest rental car from the sketchiest company: Robby rented a Chevy Spark from Fox Rental and it worked out so well. The

Spark turned off half way up the Vail pass and wouldn't turn back on. He left it there, on the side of the road, and only ended up paying about half of his contract. If you follow this tip, make sure your buddies have rented another car and can come get you.

-Be supported by incredibly generous programs, companies, and individuals: That being said I would like to thank Mike Day and the boys, all of GMVS, Aldo and Sara, all of Ski Club Vail, Alfons and Harald of Benni Raich Race Center, AJ's Window Cleaning, Zach and Willie at POC, Jake at Rossignol, and Jed at Swix.

Tucker would like to thank-

KMS for a couple of amazing summer camps in Switzerland. (When I found out Milan was out, I went there instead.) GMVS and Racestock Sports for helping get my equipment ready for the season. All of the teams who let me run a course these past two weeks in Colorado, GMVS, BMA, DU, Global Racing, and the masters of P.I.G. I also want to thank Aldo and Sara for all the help, John Hale for the free training, and Andrew for the free reality checks. Without the support of T2 I’d be eating cold clam chowder like Robby, and without the amazing support of Volkl I would have already had to retire from slalom for the season. Thanks Jed from Swix, and whoever is at Uvex; still loving the stuff but would love something new.

Robby would like to thank-

MMSC, MMWA, T2 and Cochran’s for all the support over the years, all the people who supported my fundraising efforts buying shirts and posters, Winterfell, Edgewise,Race Stock, Fischer, Shred, Slytech, Swix, VK, Podiumwear, Sync, Aldo Radamus of Ski Club Vail for setting us up with Harald and Alfons of Race Center Benni Raich,and Waterville Valley BBTS, Park City Ski Team, and TCRA USA for letting me hop in for training to get ready for the time trial.

We all would also like to thank Podiumwear and Sync.

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