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Levi, Sync, and Colorado

We’ve been out in Colorado for a couple weeks now and everything is going well. For the most part we’ve been training slalom at Copper. The training conditions are decent.

Vail race trail

Right now it’s upload/ download only to Copperopolis, but the mountain has been blowing snow whenever possible and top to bottom skiing isn’t too far away. Vail has also been turning the guns on whenever temps allow but they still have a little ways to go before opening.

As you may have seen on our Redneck Racing Facebook page, today three of us competed in a time trial for the Levi World Cup slalom. We ended up going 1 for 3, which isn’t perfect but we will take it. Tim put down some fast runs so he will be leaving for Finland on Sunday, or maybe a different day, he is looking at tickets now. Robby and Andrew, as well as Tucker will stay in CO and continue training, working out, and learning Japanese. Can you imagine a bunch of Rednecks speaking Japanese? Domo arigato, Bub.

In other news, we recently picked up our new Redneck Racing team gear from Sync, and we couldn’t be happier. The training tops, sweatshirts, and backpacks are all super high quality, and look SWAG! We could be the best looking Rednecks in the world, thanks to Sync. One feature on the training tops and sweatshirts that we really dig is the high collar. The collar can basically reach all the way to your goggles so you don’t need to worry about wearing a neckie. Aside from being wicked practical, these products look SWAG, did I mention that already? Just the other day we overheard people(ladies) saying things like, “those Rednecks have so much swag,” and “how did a bunch of Rednecks get so tasteful?”

Here is the best part about our Sync gear, YOU CAN GET IT TOO! Go to this link and where it says “Enter the Team Store by entering your Team Password below” type in ‘redneck2014’ and start shopping.

Dressy Rednecks

Once you’ve logged in, you should see a list of categories on the left side of the page. All the gear, the packs, the men’s and women’s training tops, and the men’s and women’s sweatshirts, all come with our Redneck Racing logo. Also, check out the rest of what Sync has to offer. They are making some awesome gear. Right now there is a Sync shop set up at Copper if you are scared of ordering online/ don’t know how to work the internet.

Looking forward, be sure to watch Tim race at Levi on November 16th. We will send out links and info on how to watch the race. Tucker, Andrew, and Robby will have some races in Colorado at the end of November, right when our mustaches should be peaking, which will be exciting and gross, respectively. Scroll down to take a look at some pictures from our time out in Colorado.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to all the teams that have let us train with them these past two weeks, and thanks Sync for making us look like a legit team.


View from our condo


A little hike up Vail


Evening dryland

Frickin' Mountains!

Frickin' mountains!


Team shot

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