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Thank you, Green Mountain Valley School


We, the Redneck Racing team, realize how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to pursue our goals as alpine ski racers. While we do everything within our ability to reach our goals, we undoubtedly rely on a lot of other people. Our team is humbled by the generosity and support of many individuals, organizations, and companies. Throughout the season we hope to recognize and thank as many supporters as possible.

One organization that has contributed to the success of all the Redneck Racing members, in one way or another, is the Green Mountain Valley School. Tucker and Andrew have spent the most their time working with GMVS. Andrew attended GMVS for 9th through 12th grade and a PG year, and is currently a dorm parent in Poundcake. Tucker trained with GMVS for what would have been middle school, high school, and his Post-GED years. We are both incredibly thankful for all the support over the last decade. The Kelleys have less formal ties to the GMVS community, but are no less thankful. Whether it’s bringing van fulls of GMVS racers to the USSA races at Cochran’s, or letting Robby and Tim hop in for a training day on Inverness or in the gym, GMVS has always been very helpful.

As a team, we feel lucky to have the support of a high-level organization like GMVS. The recent improvements to training venues, both on the mountain and on campus, are inspiring. But probably the most inspiring aspect of GMVS is the community. We can’t help but notice how many coaches, teachers, administrators, board members, parents, and alumni have dedicated their lives to making the school what it is today. Our team hopes to emulate the passion and dedication that GMVS brings to ski racing.

Thanks again, GMVS, for helping our team. Whatever we can do to give back probably isn’t enough, but we will gladly do it.


Andrew, Tucker, Tim, and Robby

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