Welcome to Redneck Racing

Let's be honest, it feels like rinky-dink teams like this pop up every single year or two proclaiming to be the most committed, most promising group of young(ish) athletes to ever grace the snow we ski on.

Here at Redneck Racing we are just trying to bring together a team of like minded individuals all reaching for a common goal. The most ideal scenario would be one where athletes are pulled from all over the country and brought together to train and race together. To push eachother to previously unimagined prowess.

A group like that sounds awesome, and actually, it exists. Unfortunately that team costs roughly $25,000 a year and it dropped nearly 20 athletes last season besides. A vacuum has been created in its place, as many worthy athletes scramble to any of the aforementioned teams that feel a good fit.

The problem with "the good fit" agenda, is that a western skier is unlikely to join the ranks of the east coast, (aka, the best coast) because of logistical issues, as is vice versa for eastern racers.

So we are all left with the best of a bad situation, which is where us Rednecks come in.

We do not boast super coaches or official training venues. In actuallity we owe our thanks to any who would help us acheive somehting greater by offering any one of us a day of training, letting us crash on a couch for the night, or by simply giving a word of enourgment or passing along some wisdom.

The fact of the matter is that we are here to work hard and reach for successes that others may say are out of reach. We take our failures in stride because no one ever accomplished anything worthwhile without taking a few hits first.

We are the Rednecks, and while you may think we are just another rinky-dink team from the backwoods of Vermont... well you may in fact be right. But we are here to play. So watch out for the Carhartts and flannels this winter, the Rednecks are coming.