Welcome to second annual Redneck Racing Slalom Showdown! The event will take place on Saturday March 7th, 2019 at Cochran's Ski Area. There will be a dual slalom race in the morning open to all ages and abilities. Race against World Cup, NCAA and Olympic level athletes! The top 32 will qualify for the Slalom Showdown, a head to head elimination style single pole slalom! Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 8 overall with additional prizes for all age groups! Last year's event had 100 participants ages 6-67 and $3,000 in prize money! Can't wait to see you there this year!



9:00-10:30 am: Registration 

9:30-10:45 am: Inspection 

10:55 am: Forerunners 

11:00 am: Qualification Run 1

12:00 pm: Qualification Run 2

1:00 pm: Start Practice 

1:30 pm: Round of 32


Awards immediately following conclusion of big and small finals



2020 Redneck Slalom Showdown