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Robby + tucker explore norway


   Tucker and robby

summer skiing

Tucker Marshall talks video blog revamp for the 16-17 ski season

Summer Training for the rednecks

Robby Kelley and Ryan Cochran-Sigele find some turns

May 26, 2016

Drone Shots- Spring 2016

Rednecks find their form again in Colorado:


November 2015

Cochrans Training in April

The world meets the Rednecks


A video introduing the origanal 4 Rednecks, our plans, goals, and dreams. 

Tucker Marshll kicks off season 4


Robby Kelley gets weird at Cochrans 

In what some would call a "publicity stunt", Robby Kelley shreds some deep... ferns(?) down Cochrans Ski Area this summer. 

Season 3 wraps up @


It started with "The Unseen Underdog". Watch all of season 3 to see how it ended. 

Andrew McNealus finds trouble in Maine


But he is not one to go out without a little flare at the 2014 Colby Carnival. 

Tim Kelley in his glory days


Can he find them again? 

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