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redneck racing


Birthdate: 5/26/90

Gear: Blizzard, Shred, Slytech, Swix, Sync

Alliances/former teams: Cochran’s, MMSC/MMWA, UVM, US Ski Team, Mt. Abe Eagles


Robby is "intense." He screams in the finish and cries in the shower. Robby spent three straight summers trying to throw a football over his barn. The following two summers he tried to dunk a women's basketball. This past summer his goal was to set as many Strava KOMs/CRs as possible.


Robby grew up skiing at Cochrans, but when he hit puberty at age 16, he realized the only girls there were family members so he went to Stowe to train and meet a girl that wasn't his cousin. After MMWA, Robby went to UVM for two years  and then The US Ski Team for a few years.  


Strava || @snooprobbyrobby || FIS 

Birthdate: 8/12/90

Gear: Blizzard, Tecnica, Swix, Sync, ProTek, POC

Alliances/former teams: GMVS, KMS, TCRA


Tucker is "high tech." Aside from this blog, Tucker helped launch and has high level experience with apps like, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Tinder, Hinge, OK Cupid, J Date, and AOL. But don’t let the high tech vibe fool you, Tucker still loves giving old fashioned hugs and the occasional sloppy kiss.


Tucker grew up skiing at Killington until he learned to drive north on rt. 100 at the age of 13.  After that, he started skiing at Sugarbush. Around the same time, school took a backseat to skiing, training, hiking, biking, reading, writing, and pursuing women.


Tucker would like you to know that  if you drive anywhere near the speed limit between Pittsfield and Waitsfield, you will be passed.


Strava || @tuckermarshall || FIS

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.35.19

Birthdate: 10/25/93

Gear: Volkl, Dalbello, Bliz, Swix, ProTek

Alliances/former teams: GMVS, Global Racing, Dartmouth, BMA



Strava || @woolybear99 || FIS 

Birthdate: 7/16/93

Gear: Nordica, Swix, Bliz, ProTek

Alliances/former teams: GMVS, University of Vermont



Strava || @vietzebysandy || FIS


Birthdate: 4/28/90

Gear: Rossignol, POC, Swix, Sync, Podiumwear 

Alliances/former teams: Suicide Six Ski Team, GMVS, Middlebury College, Ski Club Vail, Sports Club International


Andrew is "educated."  From Woodstock, VT then up rt. 100 to GMVS then over rt. 17 to Middlebury and now back over at GMVS  mostly. Some of his favorite memories include, beating Tucker at Pico this past winter, beating Robby at Waterville in 2008 by 3 hundies, beating Tim at Steamboat for the $1000 cash prize.  


If Andrew is not skiing, he is training, and if he isn’t training, he is painting/window washing, or coaching, and if he isn’t painting/ window washing, or coaching, he’s probably asleep on a friend’s/ Bryan Shpall’s couch, drooling on the pillows, and if none of the above are happening he’s pondering the deeper meanings of love in a nice warm bath.


Strava || @skiflicks || FIS


Birthdate: 5/20/86

Gear: Fischer, Shred, Slytech, Slopeside Syrup, Sync, Podiumwear 

Alliances/former teams: Cochran’s, MMSC/MMWA, US Ski Team, UVM, Loveland


Tim is "grown up." He “has a girlfriend” and also handles the rental trucks and logistical details that the other guys are too lazy or illiterate to arrange. Tim is Robby's older brother and also his idol. Four years ago, Tim and a few of his cousins started a maple syrup company, Slopeside Syrup. Some suspect that next, they’ll start a pancake company, ‘cause you know,  vertical integration.


Tim spent a few years on the US Ski Team before going to UVM, where he won an individual National Championship as well as a team title.  He’s still a UVM student, and while he hasn’t decided on a major, Tim tells me that he enjoys counting.


Strava || @timothypkelley || FIS


Birthdate: 3/30/90

Gear: Volkl, Lange, Poc, Swix, Sync

Alliances/former teams: OMS, Holderness, US Ski Team






























Strava || @thisisjuliaford || FIS

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